Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year of Change

December 21, 2012 came and went, and the world is still here.  I didn't look a lot into the Mayan Calendar, but I think I remember reading that every time one of their circle calendar thingeys rolls over, it's a new era that brings change.

Every year, on December 31, people decide to make new years resolutions.  This year, why not assume the Mayans had something going right and make a resolution to see change?

People have been chanting about "change" a lot lately, but what has really changed?  And why are we still living relatively ordinary lives?  Myself, I am terrified of change!  I like my comfort zone, and I'm sure most of you prefer to not take risks, too.

We all have opportunities.  Why not take them?  You have a lot to lose, but you have even more to gain!

I stopped spending so much time programming a while back.  I got a guitar and played it until my fingers blistered and cracked.  On the 31st, I bought a new car.  Yesterday, someone called me and asked me to come work at some company.

Change.  I have an option to refuse it and continue to live in comfort.  I think I'll make a change in my habits and seek to change.  I'm taking the risk, making a gamble, and I think the odds are in my favor.  Will you join me?

I got my first blow yesterday.  I'm apparently not as great at singing and playing the guitar as I thought.  I knew I wasn't great, but am I not at least a little good?  Nope!  But I also found some encouragement in an unlikely place.  I found a youtube video of one of my favorite singers when she was younger.  I love her to death, but she just could not sing!  Now, she's going on world tours!  If she can do it, why can't I?  And if I can do it, why the hell are you still reading this?  Get out there and live a little!


  1. I used to think I disliked change, but found out that what I really hated were changes I can't control.

    I also used to know a girl who couldn't sing for a few years but eventually she improved a lot. Still who is qualified to judge what sounds good and by what standard. Out of curiosity, who was the singer you mentioned.

    1. The singer I mentioned was Shakira. I'm a pretty big fan, but the video I found of her singing at a young age was not very pleasant to my ears.