Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Post

"First Post" is a cliché title for a first post, but it's fitting.  Don't you think?

As I am waiting on the clock to reach 1:00pm and for my French class to begin, I find myself contemplating the reasoning behind a few standard C++ specifications.  I have a complaint to make (which will be in a later post), and Facebook just does not seem to be the place for such ranting.  I hereby create this blog in order to publish my ideas and thoughts — not only about programming but about anything else that I believe should be shared or about anything that need not really be shared other than for the relief that comes with venting.

I am in college and have a library of reusable source code that I am continuously updating.  Recently, I have been learning about AVL trees in class, but why stop at their simple class requirements for our AVL tree project when I can code something much better?  So, I am coding what I am learning in class but much better than what is required in class.  When you take the step from simple non-templated trees that only insert elements to full-fledged templated trees with allocators and iterators and all the functions of general STL containers, many questions and issues arise.  Some questions are hard to research and my findings should be readily available to others, and some issues are lightly covered and need more debate.  Such things will make up the majority of my blog posts.  However, I may occasionally post about wine, languages, religion, or other topics I find captivating.

I do not expect all of my posts to be big hits, but I do hope that at least some of them add meaning to someone else's life or aids in a fellow programmer's understanding of a concept.

Until next time,

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