Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update August 28, 2011

It's been a very long time since a blog post, and I apologize to my stalkers and loyal readers.  Well, I've been playing MineCraft (I've been made a moderator on the MinecartRapidTransit server, woohoo!), I've been doing farmwork, I've been learning Java, I've been doing web dev, and I've been working as a "Special Projects Manager".  Yea, I've been pretty darn busy...

Well, I have two blog posts planned for when I have the time.  First, I am making a note of every time I become frustrated or annoyed by silly mistakes.  It will be slightly humorous, I think.  Second, I will be going over how 95% of resumes get rejected.  Maybe, after those two, I may go off on a rant of needing to educate the general population better.  I don't hold their ignorance of their field of work against them; it is the fault of an education system that could be improved.  Maybe more on that later.

Well, I'm busy until next week, so I hope to see all of you again soon!