Saturday, May 19, 2012

BlogSpot Interface

Interfacing with BlogSpot isn't too terribly hard.  I suppose you could use their API1, but after looking at it, it was a bit complicated.  All I wanted was some PHP code to insert into my website that would automagically load and display my blog and its posts.

Enter my BlogSpot PHP interface.  I've spent this week figuring out how BlogSpot works under the hood so that I could make an interface for my website.  Upon proposing this idea on IRC, a smiley face appeared and encouraged me to make it for everyone.  Looking back, I think that smiley face was from a bot, but I realized that after I had coded my interface.  Lol!

I started off designing a super-customizable interface.  Then I looked at it and though, "what an unholy mess!"  I want it to be very simple.  Just a cut-and-past procedure with a bit of CSS styling.  I cut down a lot of the features, but don't worry...  it's still pretty awesome!

You can get this wonderful PHP code at my website in the downloads section2.  Just look for "blog interface".  Yea, I know, I should give a direct link, but my downloads section is still a work in progress at this time, and I may change some things around.  Just look for it; it should be easy to find.

Oh, what to expect?  Displaying posts and lists of posts, filtering by labels, sorting, sorting comments in ascending or descending order, structuring comments to show relationships between comments or to just show in a linear fashion, and, last but not least, optionally updating all of the stat counters on the BlogSpot account.  Check it out!


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