Thursday, May 31, 2012

Web-Based Tools I Just Finished

After much effort, many headaches (I am starting to hate PHP), and quite a bit of debugging, they are finally here!  I present to all of you some tools for beautifying code, adding syntax highlighting, computing the HTML needed for showing code, and getting the length of a string.

Here is an overview of the tools:

I hope that the above three tools are enjoyed!  If you have any suggestions for these or new tools, let me know, please.

Code Beautifier at

This wonderful tool was inspired by me failing to find a code beautifier out there that also has syntax highlighting for XML and JavaScript.  I went ahead and added a few more languages, too.

&language={c|cpp|javascript|qb|xml} can be added to preselect the language.

Code to HTML at

Based upon my C++ code and the Beautifier's code, this will show the HTML needed for inserting code on a website, complete with optional line numbers and syntax highlighting.

&language={c|cpp|javascript|qb|xml} can be added to preselect the language.

Text Stats at

Type in the box or paste some text, and see how many characters it is (and lines).  Extremely simple, but very handy.  There are others out there, but it's too simple to not do myself.  Best of all?  It's useful!

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