Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dreams of Fortune

    I won't tell what inspired this right now.  I want to know if you, dear reader, can take any meaning from my first attempt at poetry.  Please, be critical.  Be insulting if you need to be.  I have no confidence in my poetic skills, so you won't hurt my feelings in the least bit.  Shall I keep things like this in my notebook hidden away, or should I share?

Dreams of Fortune
What dreams of fortune to come our way are worth the time to contemplate?
Yet stuck we are obsessed with fame, but all we want is them to know our name.
How long will it take to rise to power? And will it be worth the wasted hours?
We will fail, and we will fall.  Then, we will cry and take our fate.
Giving up is the hardest necessity, but someone has to work for the clock.
All the while, we have that dream that someday we will live the life where we can be the idol who sleeps worry-free.
But someday soon, our fire will die, and we will be left an empty shell wondering the streets doing our duties and admiring those who got that lucky break.

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